About Company

Flame Group SE is a team of professionals in the consumer electronics area. We are the public joint-stock company, registered in the European Union with the branches in the Czech Republic, Shenzhen, China and Russian Federation. Our key activities are brand development, business & IT consulting, organization of our partner’s business in Europe, connection of the European purchasing companies with the best suppliers in China, organization of the assembling facilities in the trusted ISO-certified Chinese and European factories.

Many professionals work worldwide for Flame Group SE: business and marketing analysts, hardware and software engineers, designers, product managers, QC and other specialists. Our R&D branches are located in China, Czech Republic and Russia. We bring the complete pre-production and after-sales support and provide our customers with both reliable products and timely solutions.

Flame Group helps any brand or OEM corporation to get and pass the official CE, FCC, RoHS and Google GMS Certification.

Our Services

Our Services

Registration of the public European or limited Hong Kong Company and management of all accompany legal process. Registration of the bank account with the online access.

Brand development: competitors analysis, sales channels development, trademark registration, marketing, design creation and legal protection.

Business plan creation: careful calculation and selection of the company’s development based on an initial data from the customer.

Assistance in negotiations with all key and potential partners includes professional legal support.

Development and optimization of new solutions based on the customer’s recommendations.

How We Work

It all starts with the deep analysis. Our professional analysts will make a research and give a suggestion, based on real market need and communication with the key market players.

Our legal department will help with all requested registrations, including company, brand/trademark registration in EU/Worldwide or Hong Kong.

Our sales department will help to create, improve and introduce product portfolio to the retail channels. We will control the contract signature procedure with all key partners.

Flame Group SE will introduce the best manufacturers, specialized on selected products. We will help to improve ready-to-use modeling (OEM) or develop a new design (ODM), based on particular customers’ requirements.

R&D branches will help to customize and localize products for each market. Final tuning and product testing are always carried out by the engineering staff and product management in local offices.

We cooperate with the European certification and legalization companies (TUV-SUD, Sisvel and other) and provide the full package of safety certificates and legal licenses as CE, FCC, RoHS, Google GMS.

Our Business Aspects

Consulting in the business corporation. Company and brand creation and further development.

Organization of OEM/ODM-manufacturing of consumer electronics in China and Europe.

Developing and franchise of the own retail brand of consumer electronics – FlameFox. The key market for the brand is the Central and Eastern Europe.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing our customers a reliable product through innovation and sustainably driven by the flexibility and creativity of our team. Our values of leadership, integrity, quality and care are represented in our product range as we work to accomplish our mission of customer trust and loyalty.

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