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Flame Group SE is professional consumer electronics OEM/ODM-manufacturer. We are the public joint-stock company with the OEM division in Shenzhen, China and local branches in the European Union and Russia for the best customers support. Our key activity is development, production and sales of smartphones (3G&LTE) and clamshell (flip) mobile phones (2G&3G). Flame Group help to any brand or OEM pass the official Google GMS Certification

More than 150 professionals work worldwide for Flame Group: including hardware and software engineers, designers, product managers, QC and other specialists. Our R&D branches are located in China, Czech Republic and Russia. We provide complete after-sales support and contentiously improve software part of all products.

The partnership assembling facilities are located in China and Europe. Shareholders of our Chinese OEM-branch are co-owners of manufacturing plants with up-to-date assembling facilities. The capacity of our production lines is about 500 000 units per month. The whole assembling process goes under control by European engineers. All devices and accessories of our portfolio are passed through strict quality tests, according to European and US standards.

Our Advantages

Our Advantages

Founders of Flame Group SE are experienced in design, assembling, branding, sales and support of consumer electronics for different regions.

In all aspects of our activities we cooperate with only reputable and experienced partners with the long years history of successful business.

We strictly control all the stages of design and production as we work with only top-level Chinese manufacturing plants.

R&D departments are located in different regions. Multi-location infrastructure helps us to provide maximum flexibility and time efficiency of all projects.

Flame Group SE offers deep customization and localization of every product following needs for every client, for every regional market.

How We Work

Flame Group SE offers a ready-to-use modeling (design) or developing a new design based on particular customers’ needs.

Chinese OEM-branch of Flame Group SE in Shenzhen is responsible for factory management, assembling process checking, production quality control and part of firmware customization.

Offices in Europe and CIS mainly responsible for software customization and localization of products. Final tuning and product testing always carry out by engineering staff and product management in Europe or CIS.

We cooperates with European certification and legalization companies (TUV-SUD, Sisvel and other) and provides a full package of safety certificates and legal licenses.

Flame Group SE provides contentious quality control of all shipments during the whole life cycle of every model as well as after sales support. All after sales software and hardware support are free for the customer.

Our Business Aspects

OEM/ODM-manufacturing of feature phones and smartphones with deep customization and localization for particular markets and clients

Developing own retail brand for consumer electronics – FlameFox. Key market for the brand is Central and Eastern Europe.

Consulting in areas of ID design, software localization and customization

Our Mission

We are committed to providing our customers a reliable product through innovation and sustainably driven by the flexibility and creativity of our team. Our values of leadership, integrity, quality and care are represented in our product range as we work to accomplish our mission of customer trust and loyalty.

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