Two new FlameFox mobile phones

Flame Group happy to introduce two new models under company’s private brand FlameFox – FlameFox Flip1 and FlameFox Easy2. Both models announced in November 2017 and will be available for the customers before Christmas holidays.

FlameFox Flip1 and FlameFox Easy2 – very simple basic mobile phones for the customers who need only calls and text messages. Mobile phones also can be used as portable multimedia players for audio (mp3, mid), video (3 GP) files, and FM-radio. Necessary functions like Alarm clock, Calendar and Calculator also supported.

The main difference between FlameFox Flip1 and FlameFox Easy2 is form factor and camera. FlameFox Flip1 is a clamshell mobile phone, which should be opened for making a call; FlameFox Easy2 is a classic bar phone. FlameFox Flip1 have a built-in basic camera, which allows to make simple photos and record short videos; FlameFox Easy2 have no camera and can only be used for communication and multimedia.

Both models have the same battery at 600 mAh capacity. It will be enough for 3-5 days of active mobile phone usage and one or two weeks operation in standby mode.

FlameFox Flip1 and FlameFox Easy2 passed CE & RoHS certification according to the latest RED regulations of June 2017.

FlameFox Flip1 and FlameFox Easy2 will be available in retail stores in Central Europe, Greece, and Create Island. The retail price of the devices will be different due to tax policy and market situation but all distributors confirmed that models would be available for all customers who need a simple device for communication.


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