Two more models based on Android 5.1


Flame Group SE announce two more models in the middle price niche based on Android 5.1. Our R&D engineers changed the motherboard and some components of our №1 fashionable 4.5’’ & 5.0’’ models FGS4003 & FGS4004. As a result, we got cost-effective models in slim cases with the elegant design & with the latest version of World №1 Mobile Operating System. The current price of FGS4003 & FGS4004 is 25% better than the previous analogues!

Both models based on QUAD core SC7731 by Spreadtrum with the capacity 1.3 GHz, for both models available configuration with 512+4096 MB RAM/Flash or 1024 + 8192 MB RAM/Flash. Entry level RAM/Flash configuration currently supports Android 4.4.2 only, the higher spec supports Android 5.1. The main difference between FGS4003 & FGS4004 is the display and the battery – FGS4003 originally proposed with the FWGA (480*854) IPS display and battery 1500 mAh, FGS4004 originally proposed with the qHD (540*960) IPS display and battery 1800 mAh.

New versions of 4.5’’ & 5.0’’ models FGS4003 & FGS4004 is a family of modern smartphones which looks perfect and works fast. In the case of the order of both models for one brand, the customer will get a special price proposal. You are welcome to turn to our sales department for more details.


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