The Latest Mobile Phones of FlameFox Brand

Flame Group SE ready to introduce the revised and latest mobile phones portfolio of our private brand FlameFox which will be valid till the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020. We continue focusing on basic mobile phones with the best correlation between the price and quality and launching new models which are suitable for different markets.


We kept all bestsellers and proposed some new models with unique design and features. We created a new line called Power and replaced some old models by the better analogues. Please, check all the details below:

  • FlameFox Stone4 – we added IP-68 water/dust protected model with 2000 mAh battery to our Stone family. All the previous Stone models are also available for order. Note that we changed CPU of Stone 1 to SC6531.
  • FlameFox Power 1 & 2 – new series of big-batteries mobile phones launched. Both models have a power bank function and a huge battery – based on customers’ needs;
  • FlameFox Easy5 – we proposed three different IDs for the model from EASY series. All the IDs has the same motherboard, specification, but the customers can select ID which will be the best suitable for their markets.
  • FlameFox Care2, FlameFox Flip2 – replaced by the better analogues based on the market feedback.

As we mentioned, our bestselling models of Stone, Easy, and Care series also available for orders.


All of FlameFox’s brand models have CE & RoHS certificates. All mobile phones launched under the FlameFox brand has a unique user interface, all devices are deeply customized and translated by native speakers. We are ready to customize our software and printing materials for different world markets. 

You can download our portfolio following the LINK

Feel free to let us know which models are interesting for your market. We always open for cooperation. Our e-mail address is


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