The first day of the Global Sources Fair




One of the largest World’s Electronics Fairs – Global Sources Electronics Fair in Hong Kong (near the HK Airport) started! During this Sunday, more than 100 visitors from more than 40 countries and 5 continents visited  the booth 7M32 of Flame Group SE.

Our stuff discussed OEM projects with the potential customers and the distribution of the devices under FlameFox brand with retailers. Some clients and distributors have already booked an exclusive condition for the Baltic countries, Central Europe and the Latin America.

Our  visitors are impressed by the hardware & software developments of the Flame Group and applications, developed by our partners.

All visitors & participants are welcome to visit our booth and discuss all possibilities of the mutually beneficial cooperation. The last day of the exhibition is the 21st of October. After the 21st of October, we invite all guests to visit our office and the factory in Shenzhen.




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