Summer time of Flame Group SE

Next week starting summer - the favorite season of all Europeans. Summer is a hot time when many people book vacations, prefer to have rest with their families and relatives and spend more time in the countryside. On summertime, all offices are partly empty and all activities going a little lazy compared to the different seasons.
Flame Group SE want to inform all our partners that we are not going to postpone or delay any of our projects and activities. Some our employees booked vacations but it will not affect our business and responsibility.
Here we will briefly inform you about key activities of Flame Group SE for summer of 2017:
•        In the beginning of summer, we are going to finish the certification of the devices of the new brand of our Chinese partner.  Certification will be done for the territories of the Europe and Eurasian Custom Unions.  During the certification, devices will pass strict test according to the European and CIS regulations. Our partner delegated us the important process of the certification based on a trust in our specialist and experience of our company. The brand itself and its product line will be introduced you in the separate news soon.
•        Our engineers going to continue testing our customers’ devices and help our partners to pass the strict test for the Google GMS certification. We renewed the equipment of our laboratory and involved some high-level programmers in creating some scripts and the additional tests that will make easier the process of the GMS. Due to the latest announcements of Google, our capacity for the GMS certification almost fully booked and we think to hire additional engineers for this activity.
•        During the summer we are going to start and even finish two ODM projects based on our unique development – tablet PC Armour. The motherboard of Armour will be upgraded to LTE CPU and for the second project, Armour will get some additional unique features as wireless charging and power bank feature support. Now we can’t share more information due to NDA conditions but we’ll publish all details when it will be possible.
That is not all projects of the Flame Group SE, but it is our main activities, which we will finish for the hot time. We wish a great summer season for all our partners and friends and their families!


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