Sourcing services by Flame Group

Dear customers,

Let us remind you that Flame Group SE provides sourcing services for consumer electronics manufactured in China. Travelling is limited, and boards with China closed for regular visits and business trips. However, consumer electronics are still manufactured in China mainly, and many companies still have needs of sourcing and purchase modern electronics.


Our Chinese office works in normal conditions and provides engineer analysis, manufacturing, quality control, and other services related to electronic device production. We have regular office staff as engineers, product managers, and quality control specialists. We are ready to hire additional personal for part-time activities based on project needs.


We have two options of sourcing services:

Option 1:

We can find the best manufacturer of electronic devices following the customers’ request. All customer needs is to provide us information about the functionality, target price and the reference model in the market (optionally).

Option 2:

We can develop a unique electronic device based on your requests and needs. We cooperate with the best industrial designers in different regions and are ready to release projects from zero to mass production quickly. Unique device development is the best way to create an attractive product and be different from other consumer brands.


Since the beginning sourcing activity, we found and fully customized more than 100 electronic devices for customers from different regions. We never stopped our activity despite the pandemic. In 2021, we confirmed and released around 30 projects, and about 10 projects are ongoing.


All kind of sourcing starts from the customer’s input. Please, feel free to share your needs and ideas with our sales department. Send your request to to get more details. 


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