Price Deduction of LTE Models


Flame Group is happy to announce about the recently improved cost for all 4G smartphones from our portfolio – 4 inches model FGS4010, 4.5 inches model FGS4009, 5 inches model FGS4006 & FGS4011, and the highest-end 5.5 inches model FGS4007. For some models, the price was decreased more than $20!


Due to latest changes, LTE portfolio became attractive even for the price-sensitive regions. All local brands and mobile carriers until now can propose to the end customers the best solutions for the better cost and the end customers can enjoy the high performance and speed internet for the same cost as the 3G smartphones last year.


Flame Group always work on the permanent product improvement and the cost optimization. It is a necessary process, which important as evidence of care about our OEM clients and their end customers. 


Please turn to our Sales Department to get the consultation and choose the proper LTE product at the affordable price.



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