Partnership with General Mobile Corporation

Flame Group SE has announced its partnership with General Mobile Corporation to deploy GMobi’s Rock FOTA solution on Flame Group’s products. 

FOTA enables system-level software updates even after the device has been sold to the end customers, so the software quality can be properly ensured without compromising time-to-market. The system automatically performs regular checks, or the user may manually open the FOTA application in the All Programs menu. If a new software version is available, the user can download it via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network. 

The CIO of the Flame Group SE Mr. Alexander Pavlov said “FOTA solution provides the most cost-effective way to perform bugs fixes and version upgrades, thus maintaining software stability and increasing customer satisfaction with minimum efforts. This is very important for our customers as it helps eliminate a lot of problems upfront, as the result reducing the quantity of requests to our service centers”

GMobi’s Rock FOTA will be available for all OEM devices provided by Flame Group and all new smartphone models of FlameFox brand

GMobi is an experienced FOTA solution provider, supporting over 1000 models across all different chipset platforms worldwide. Operating on a global scale, GMobi can rapidly deliver new services and features to customers with minimal time and costs. GMobi’s Rock FOTA, serving over 70 million devices worldwide, has the most complete feature set and support various platforms including smart phones, tablets, smart home devices and wearable devices.


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