Partnership with Geis Parcel CZ s.r.o.

Flame Group SE has established a long-term partnership with one of the biggest Czech Slovak and Polish logistic organization, Geis Parcel CZ s.r.o. We’re committed to bring to the European customer fast and cheap delivery by the prompt support of our reputable logistic partner Geis Parcel CZ.

We supply our customers with the guaranteed tested, successfully certified, and verified by all security institutes, products providing the fast delivery. This cooperation promotes the improvement of logistic operation in the local region of Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland. As a result, our consumers and customers receive the products directly to home. Flame Group SE and our customers derive benefit from a wide range of services granted by our partner Geis Parcel CZ and also delivery in safe and in time.

Geis Parcel CZ team is the European cooperation, involved highly experienced logistic specialists. It has rendered the complex transport and logistic services of high quality since 1991. It accomplishes such segments as parcel logistics, system transport of pallets and crates, full load transport, logistics, air and sea transport. Furthermore, Geis Group strives to remain one of the best provides of competitively priced transport and logistic services. The Group holds ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates, which guarantee provision of quality services and compliance with environmental management principles.

Now, Flame Group SE customers have a great variety of delivery methods to choose, that is directly to their hands by courier service or using any GEIS Points in Czech and Slovak Republics to take items in special places and in any time.


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