New Rules of the GMS Certification

Dear partners, Flame Group SE always respect rules connected with the copyright and the patents. We are official partners of all famous worldwide companies who have exclusive rights to the key technologies and functionalities.

We also respect the latest policy of Google connected with the Android OS and the GMS certification, which became mandatory for all Android-based devices. According to the latest announcements of Google Inc., the year 2017 will be a key period when the rules for the Android OS usage will change completely.


First, Google will not support the market launch of any devices with the version of the operating system, which is under Android 7 (Android N). Second, from the end of summer, Google going to disable the Play Store for all devices without GMS certification that contains none-authorized Google apps. Earlier this year all key retailers in Europe already stopped to propose devices without GMS certification after the notification from Google Inc.


We respect such kind of position because it will help to improve the quality of all Android-based devices and will increase end customer’s satisfaction. More and more smartphones, tablets and wearables will obtain a higher performance and will get the warranty from the software provider.

We want to remind to all existing and the potential customers that the Flame Group SE help to any brand in any region to pass the GMS certification and get an official software approved by Google in short terms. We will be happy to help you to follow the new market rules and launch a high-quality product.


Feel free to send any inquiries and orders for the GMS certification, please contact us by e-mail: . You can get more information about the official GMS approval from our presentation available by the LINK


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