New Google GMS Rules for the European Area

Flame Group ready to announce new rules for the Google Mobile Services (GMS) certification for European Economic Area (EEA) countries 

On July 2018, the European Commission issued a decision regarding the distribution of Google’s mobile applications on Android in the European Economic Area. According to the decision of the European Commission, Google should pay around 4.32 billion EURO (around 5 billion USD) because the current GMS rules broke the antimonopoly regulations of the European Union.

As result, Google made some changes to the agreements and updated the GMS technical requirements for Google Mobile Services (GMS) smartphones and tablets supplied into the EEA for sale to end users. New rules called GMS EEA build requirements.

According to the new Google EEA rules, local brands can elect to configure different preload and placement configurations for Google Mobile Applications. Starting on October 29, 2018, all software builds on new smartphones and tablets launch in the EEA submitted for GMS approval must comply with the GMS EEA build requirements. To compensate their losses after penalties, Google also defined licensing fees for their mobile applications pre-installation. The rate of licensing fees based on a GMS package, region and the specification of the device.

The preview release for the GMS software package, the newly revised GTS Test Suite, and the production release for GMS and GTS for GMS EEA builds now already available and can be shared with Flame Group customers.

Right now, Google has three different GMS regulations for different regions:

•          GMS EEA builds requirements.

•          GMS requirements for Russian Federation.

•          Basic GMS requirements (the rest of the world except the EEA and Russia).

Maybe it will be some more regional GMS rules in the nearest future.

If you have any questions related with GMS certification for the European Economic Area or other countries, feel free and send your inquiries to  Our specialists will be happy to help to clarify all the information.


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