New Dual Core Models

Flame Group SE happy to introduce new 3G models with the basic specification and attractive price. We always follow to market trends and happy to propose devices which can be the 1st smartphone for customers who is not familiar with Android-based devices before.

  • FGS2005 is 4.0’’ inch smartphone based on DUAL Core chipset by MediaTek. It is the smart model with the entry specification. The model recommended as a promo model for the customers who just start to use they smartphones or for the price-sensitive markets.
  • FGS2003-2 also based on MT6572 but has 5.0’’ inch display with FWVGA resolution. The model also suitable for the price-sensitive markets and customers who mainly use a smartphone for internet browsing and watching the videos.  

With the detailed specification of every device, you can meet at Portfolio - 


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