Mobile World Congress will start in 30 days


After 30 days - on the 22nd of February, Mobile World Congress (MWC) opens its doors to all major participants and respected visitors from all over the world. The international Mobile Electronic Exhibition MWC, conducted in Barcelona, is a great opportunity to meet face to face for all customers, consumers and even mobile electronics start-ups. Flame Group Team is waiting for the meetings with our partners and friends in Hall No.5 - Booth 5H81.

The 2016 MWC conference programme will provide an in-depth coverage of the current and future mobile industry, highlighting specific areas of growth as well as the latest technological developments, next generation services and strategies.

Flame Group displays the updated products and key solutions of the 2016 year such as clamshell devices & big battery models. During MWC, we will perform the working samples of the recently developed devices, so everyone will get the minute description and a chance for a quick test. Especially, with any customers’ feedbacks or recommendations our products gain the stable quality and demand is permanently growing. The Tops of Flame Group say “Our team of professionals are eager not to figure out the ways and perks how to “catch the consumer in the cage”, but mainly to make them free and satisfy their own ideas that we contribute in each new product”.

Now, we are on the stage of completing the preparation procedures and most of the affairs have been already done. We have approved Product Portfolio for the exhibition and will be ready to start the mass production immediately after the end of the MWC. Please meet with our Portfolios: Flame Group OEM & FlameFox brand. To work out your individual schedule for the Congress attendance in advance, check its Timetable.

You are always welcome to ask our sales department about any details beforehand!



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