Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear partners, customers and friends, Flame Group Team congratulates you with the forthcoming Christmas and New Year Day.

We have one more year of changes and challenges, we continue reorganising business processes, or structure and will do the same in forthcoming 2020. We continue to improve and enlarge our Google GMS service and have more successful projects; we started doing more accessories, gadgets, and healthcare products. We started some projects with customers from the different regions and undertook many activities, which will help us to enter to 2020.

We want to thank all customers for the trust and opportunities to operate together; we thank our partners for help and cooperation; we thank our friends for being nearby us, for all cheer words and pieces of advice.

We wish you success in your business; we want to wish you harmony and happiness in your daily life and everything best for your relatives and families. We wish peace and stability to any country of our World.  Let the year 2020 be much better than anyone expected.

Pleasant holidays and keep in touch!


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