Google will close Android 6.0 for GMS certification


Flame Group SE is always glad to share all news about the Google Android Certification. We continue to deal with your inquiries for GMS certification. Many companies have already passed through the GMS procedure with our help and many devices from different foreign companies are still under the Google checking for the final approval.


Recently, Google announces its official partners that Android 6.0 certification will be closed before 31st of January, 2017. It means each company, which is planning to get the GSM approval and certification for Android 6.0 devices, should send the inquiry no later than the first half of January 2017.


Please kindly be informed that the GMS certification can take about 30-60 days but the entire registration period depends on the Google’s special requirements during the approval. Better to apply for the GMS registration in short terms and get the official Google Android Certification successfully.


If you need to know the Google’s standards or you decided to send an inquiry for certification, please contact us by e-mail:   




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