Google released the beta version of Android Q

Google has announced and released the beta version of Android Q / Android 10. The updated mobile OS many improvements include the visual and functional upgrade. In this article, we will introduce you the key features of Android Q.

  • Improved privacy with new access limits - Android Q apps can only access location settings when in use and not when in the background. Apps won’t be able to launch activities in the background without the user’s consent. Android Q will also let users deactivate unique device IDs used for advertising purposes.
  • Foldable smartphones support - developers got tools to develop software that supports switching between various display types (include folding and unfolding).
  • System-wide dark mode - Android Q system automatically switches to the dark mode when the user turns on Battery Saver.
  • Blurred lock screen background appears when music is playing - the background changes to a blurred image instead of showing the art of the playing audio file.
  • Interface customization – developers got options to customize the system font, colours, and icons shape.
  •  Native desktop mode - with Android Q, Google is getting its act together by including native support for desktop mode. When this option is on, apps begin showing up in free-form windows on the connected display, but the status bar keeps its usual position at the top while navigation buttons are the bottom.
  • Easier access to system settings inside apps - in Android Q, you’ll be able easily to access settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Share and connect to Wi-Fi networks using QR codes - generating a QR code needs a user to open his Wi-Fi settings and hit the currently connected network and the Share button will pull up the code, although authentication will still be required using user’s lock screen password or fingerprint before proceeding. To scan the code, a user should tap the button to the right of the Add network option in the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Dynamic depth format for photos - Android Q introduces the support for a particular form for photos that brings out more depth information that can be used to apply specialized blurs and bokeh options, to name but a few.
  • Long-pressing notifications get more useful alerts - Android Q has more useful options that can be used to manage how the app in question alerts the user in future.
  • Screen recording - on Android Q, you can record your screen without any 3rd-party app.

Among other interface changes, pay attention to the tactical response when text selected, icons with rounded corners in Google Play, new Applications menu design, the ability to quickly decline widgets removal from the desktop, and the window mode for 3rd party apps installation.

GMS test utilities and GMS test package for Android Q / Android 10 are not available yet. We will share it with our customers once it is released. If you have any questions related to GMS certification, deadlines, and latest regulations, feel free and send your inquiries to  Our specialists always ready to help you.


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