Google Released GMS Requirements for Android 11

Flame Group SE informs partners that Google LLC released GMS Requirements for Android 11.

GMS requirement is classified into 13 chapters and provides a dashboard. Together with GMS requirement, Google published some important documents, released software packages, and test utilities. You can find a list of key releases with a short description below.

Android 11 Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) released. Android 11 CDD is an important document that contains requirements to devise types, software, application packaging and multimedia compatibility. CDD also includes requirements to developer tools and options compatibility, hardware requirements, performance and power, security model and software compatibility. Developers should take into account all the requirements during the release of the Android-based device with Google Mobile Services.

Manual checklist for GMS/MADA requirements. To enable QA teams to identify issues earlier in internal QA processes (instead of during build approval time), Google has published an updated version of internal checklists for GMS/MADA compliance. Google encourage brands to work with internal teams to incorporate release checks into their existing processes to minimize any delays with future build approval requests.

Google has released the GMS package for Android 11. This release will be required for GMS approvals for all Android 11 devices. This document outlines essential changes in Google Mobile Services for the Android 11. The document contains the information about GMS apps in system_ext partition, target API level, framework runtime resource overlay updates, deprecated modules and other.

Google also released the Android Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) and Vendor Test Suite (VTS) version 11 R1. CTS 11 R1 and VTS 11 R1 is the first official CTS release for Android 11/API level 30. 

Run CTS media tests locally have been migrated to Developers should carefully read the instructions on how to run CTS using local media contents. This will make CTS using local media files, instead of downloading them from Google server.

Android Guideline PDF created. Google have been noticing the same common mistakes made in Android OS assets and trying to eliminate those mistakes. Reviewing and using the PDF should eliminate common errors and speed up the approval process.

GMS closing date for Android 10 will be announced later. We will inform our partners accordingly. Please, turn to Flame Group specialist if you need more information about the latest requirements and utilities releases and to discuss the GMS Certification for Android 11-based devices. Our e-mail address is


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