GMS Files for Android 9 Pie Now Available

Flame Group happy to inform that all mandatory files and utilities for the Google Mobile Services (GMS) Certification of Android 9 Pie based devices now available.

The full list of application and utilities includes:

•          A package which contains all mandatory Google Mobile Services applications which should be installed into the software (include, but not limited, Gmail, Chrome, Drive, YouTube, Play Store and other). The latest version of GMS package is 2018.09.

•          CTS (Compatibility test suite) – utility for the device software and hardware components validation. As part of the CTS 9.0 release, a new small test suite called CTS for Instant Apps (CTS-instant) has been introduced to ensure instant apps work correctly. CTS-instant proactively prevents Instant App critical patches from occurring and checks if Instant App critical patches are applied on Android 9. The latest version of the CTS is 9.0_R2

•         GMS Test Suite (GTS) – utility that ensures that the Google Mobile applications are compatible with the device. The latest version of the GTS  is 6.0_R1 (this utility is same for all OS Android version and updates).

•         Vendor Test Suite (VTS) – utility which consists of a set of testing frameworks and test cases, designed to help enhance the robustness, reliability, and compliance of the Android system and low-level system software. The latest version of the VTS  is 9.0_R3

CTS is public and GTS with VTS available under the special request.


Note that Google made a few updates the GMS approval window policy as below, and updated the GMS help center to reflect these changes:

•          New device models must be running the latest major Android OS release at the time of first software build approval.

•          New software builds must be running one of the latest two Android OS releases at the time of approval.

As we informed, Android 8 (Oreo) and Android 8 (Go Edition) will be closed for the GMS Certification in the last day of 2018 – December 31. Since the 1 January of 2019 only Android 9 (Pie) based devices will be available for Google Mobile Services Certification.


Flame Group will be happy to reply to all your questions related with Google Mobile Certification Process, provide assistance and consultancy related with GMS, and solve all issues connected with MADA. Feel free to and send your inquiries via e-mail:

Many companies have already passed through the GMS procedure with our help and satisfied with our terms and quality.


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