FlameFox Rebranding

Flame Group team proudly present a new design of package of our private brand FlameFox. The design was finished this spring. In the middle of summer, the production of the new product line with new branding was completed, and a modified version of the gift box was delivered to the end customers.

Majority of big world brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, Google regularly use rebranding for different goals. Our key target reflects the idea to give the feeling - even simple mobile phones are more than simply mobile phones. Simplicity means a lot, and it should be wrapped in stylish packaging. During every new model launch, our engineer spends much time on software preparation. Our target is to make a clear interface, which will be more easy-to-use due to a native translation. To be simple is to be a winner! The slogan will improve the market economy and uprise the end product value.

Our designer’s strategy was to add more orange colour that makes the gift box bright and alive for energetic people despite their age (because of some models specially prepared for elderly people). The second idea was to demonstrate that we carefully work on the device from the moment of its hardware creation until the final design available for customers. This detailed work is clear because of the connection between the technical scheme and the final product image.  It gives the feeling of harmony, strength, optimism and safe. The simple things enrich the owner of FlameFox mobile phone who becomes more confident and happier because of performance, quality and all the related stuff.

We are sure that the new package will make FlameFox brand more attractive and compelling. Retail partners admit that rebranding will attract more end customers and will help to enlarge brands sales, especially in the autumn and Christmas time.

All trading partners are always welcome to receive samples of our mobiles packed in a new gift box. Please contact us by e-mail sales@flamegroup.eu


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