Flame Group SE Happy to Introduce FlameFox


Flame Group SE happy to introduce FlameFox – our own European brand of the consumer electronics goods, mobile phones and smartphones. Initially sales will start in our country of origin – the Czech Republic and Slovakia; later devices will be available for the customers in Poland, Hungary, Germany & Austria. From the end of the year, FlameFox devices will be available for the customers from other countries in Eastern and Western Europe.

Initially, we launched:

  • FlameFox Stone – one of the best secure phones on the market in the middle price range. The battery has a capacity of 2570 mAh it will be enough to stay alive for 7 weeks in standby mode! FlameFox Stone has received waterproof/dustproof casing with IP67 protection class which is confirmed by the international certificates.
  • FlameFox Drive – the advanced of the protected smartphones with the waterproof/dustproof casing with IP68 protection class. FlameFox Drive has high-capacity QUAD-core CPU, IPS display to enjoy a graphic content and videos and OS Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The device has the long-life battery with the capacity 2930 mAh.
  • FlameFox Smart – is smartphone which combines trendy, slim and ergonomic design, innovative technical stuffing and functionality of operating system Android KitKat. The price of the FlameFox Smart is much more affordable compared to more expensive analogues with the quite same design and capacity.
  • FlameFox Power – elegant and super-slim power-bank. FlameFox Power help to backup power source in the shape and size of a credit card to charge electronic devices such as smartphones, mobile phones, MP3 / MP4, GPS and other devices supplied with a voltage of 5 V.


The devices of FlameFox are unique in their technical, design solutions or software. We believe that it is necessary to constantly move to forward in finding new opportunities for optimization, sales, product creation, identifying niches, customer support, patenting decisions. We try to stay ahead of competitors. For this, we patenting technical solutions and build his independent and unique trading platform.

Our suppliers and manufacturers are not only partners, as part of our family. The entire production chain from factories in China to merchants in Europe understands our mission and provides a high level of quality and service. We appreciate the partnership. We are making every effort to maintain long-term relationships with suppliers (subject to the same position from him).

All devices mentioned above already available for order or pre-order in local retail in Czech Republic and the official FlameFox Store - https://www.flamefox.eu/cz-en/shopping-cart

Join us! We’re glad to everyone and we’ll be happy to receive your feedbacks



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