Flame Group’s activity after summer vacation


Flame Group SE welcomes the staff and all partners who have recently come back from the annual summer vacation. Flame Group Team starts a new autumn season in full strength where every member contributes into each new and old project. We had enough time to have a rest, to analyze and estimate the plan of business activities for the last part of the year. It’s high time to do our best and accomplish all tasks step by step. 

Flame Group’s managers have already started communication with the current customers to develop the key ideas together:

  • How to increase sales during the autumn and winter vacation time.
  • Christmas and New Year gifts & bundles for the electronics consumers.

Our engineers and product managers used the latest effective techniques which allow us to propose the unique devices with the high quality and the affordable price at the same time.  

To get our specialists’ consultation and to become a customer of Flame Group SE, send your inquiry to sales@flamegroup.eu



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