Flame Group Provides Chinese Factory Inspection Services


Flame Group reminds that our company provide an inspection service for Chinese based factories.

China still staying closed, Chinese government restricted the issuance of business visas and even after obtaining a visa, after arrival the visitor should be isolated in a 14-day quarantine.


That is why distant factory check is a reasonable service, helping save time and money and got a report about the factory and its manufacturing capacity. Our quality managers are located in different regions of China (mainly in Guangdong province) and can easily travel throughout the country. If we are not able to visit a target manufacturing area, we will recommend a trusted 3rd party company.


Our inspector will contact the factory in advance. The inspector will collect all the necessary information distantly and will prepare the quality control plan, which will be confirmed by the customer. The customer can add or exclude some paragraphs based on his needs.

Our inspection included (but not limited):

  • Registration documents and valid business license;
  • Bank account validation.
  • ISO-compliance certification.
  • General factory wealth.
  • Production process analysis.
  • Production capacity.
  • Equipment analysis.
  • Working conditions.
  • Factory’s inner quality control analysis.


As a result, our customer will get a complete report will all the pros and cons. And can decide whether the Chinese factory is suitable for making of products.


Please, feel free to share your needs and ideas with our sales department. Send your request to sales@flamegroup.eu to get more details. 

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