Flame Group perform the latest OEM Portfolio

Flame Group gladly perform the updated OEM portfolio from reliable OEM/ODM factory REEKO COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY LTD. Flame Group Team did some researches and determined the main advantages of using the clamshell phone & smartphone.


In 2017 Flame Group will be focused on the development of different variations of clamshell/flip mobile phones and smartphones with the support of 2G, 3G and even 4G/LTE bands. The quality of our latest developments was confirmed by our valuable customers – well-known European and Worldwide brands. Two latest models of smartphones F351 and L281 already got the Globalsources’ Analyst Choice Award in the Hong Kong Exhibition last October. F351 is an Android clamshell smartphone based on a one of the latest chipsets by MediaTek. Model L281 is an Android phone which works by touches or physical keypad, this really unique and cutting-age device deserves much attention.

Actually, for some customers, clamshells are more durable and user-friendly than common smartphones because its screen is constantly under protection by cover. It means the owner of such device will feel free during its using and no reason to worry about its damage every moment. Nevertheless, this is a niche solution for those who mostly prefers common device for daily calls and messages but clamshell smartphone can serve more options, such as fast Internet and useful Apps at the affordable price. 


To get the latest OEM portfolio from Flame Group, you can send your inquiries to our Sales Dept. sales@flamegroup.eu 


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