Flame Group offices operate during Summer Holidays

From 1st till 29th of August is the period of summer vacations in Flame Group SE. Our recruitment department distinguished that the major part of employees is interested in August as the most preferable month to leave the office for some weeks. And at the same time, Flame Group's specialists keep the annual statistic of the work volume during August that shows this is the only summer month of activities’ slowdown and partners’ softness.


This is fully understandable and the main reason is a great desire to catch the sun before the rainy and chilly autumn in most regions and help children to prepare for the school time. As for our business activities, August is the time of current projects completing to provide GSM devices to all consumers without delays: pupils, students, their parents and grandparents. Meanwhile, this is the period of new projects launching.


Due to the Flame Group Team’s tradition, a part of the specialists is on vacation during August and another part continuous working without any changes. We are also happy to announce that our offices in all regions still operate during the season of vacations and each customer can rely on our timely support. Always keep in touch via e-mail sales@flamegroup.eu.


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