Flame Group is against military aggression and any discrimination


Flame Group officially declares our position related to the war conflict in the territory of Ukraine. Our company do not support any military aggression and recall to stop the war immediately. We also recall the European Union council to continue the negotiation and find a way to block the shooting and destruction on the territory of the independent country. We do our best to support our Ukrainian partners and refugees.

We also declare that we will not support any time of discrimination based on nationality and citizenship. From the beginning, our company was based on the principles of friendship and humanity. We have an international team of unique people who support our values. We discussed the situation with our team, and they supported us.


We also have partners from different regions and will continue to cooperate with all of them, following the regulations, recommendations and restrictions of the European Union and the government of the Czech Republic.

We will continue this policy despite the existing humanitarian crisis. We will do our best to support our employees and customers. Our target is to keep the business, our staff, and all human values of Europe and our company. We believe in prospects and humanism.


We say #notowar, #notodiscrimination!


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