Easy3 and Care1 – New Models of FlameFox Brand

Flame Group happy to introduce FlameFox Easy 3 and FlameFox Care1 – two new mobile phones of our private brand FlameFox.


FlameFox Easy3 is a new model in Easy series that consist of mobile phones that mainly used for calls and SMS-messages. Such easy-to-use handsets have a simple interface and support all basic communication and multimedia functions (as FM-radio and MP3-player). Our engineers and customization specialists removed and disabled all useless functions and improved performance of mandatory features.  As it was requested by Flame Group’s retail partners, all Easy series has the attractive price to the end customer and almost everyone can afford it. 


FlameFox Care1 is a new version of the same model, which initially released in 2015.  Since 2015, the model was shipped to market of seven countries and became one of the bestsellers of Flame Group. The main difference between old and new releases of FlameFox Care1 is chipset version. 2015 Care1 version based on MT6260 CPU, 2018 Care1 version based on MT6261 – a new generation of world-famous CPU for mobile phones. FlameFox positioning Care1 as a senior phone so the target audience of this device is elderly people. That is why our developers and designers spent so many time and created a special interface, which is clear for all people despite their age.


FlameFox Easy 3 and FlameFox Care1 has various languages packages depends on a region of sales. For example, the Central European version has built-in English, German, Czech, Slovak, Polish, and Hungarian languages, South European version has English, Greek, Bulgarian, Albanian languages.


Both models will be available to the end customers from September of 2018. If you interested in distribution or has any questions about FlameFox Easy 3 and FlameFox Care1, feel free turn to our sales department via e-mail sales@flamegroup.eu


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