Deadline for Android 8 and Go GMS Certification

The Year 2018 comes to the end together with the deadline for the Google Mobile Services (GMS) Certification of Android 8, Android 8.1 and Android GO Edition based devices. Many customers ask to double and even triple check the information about the deadline date. Flame Group shares the final information about the Android 8/Go closing date, declared data will not change despite any circumstances.

Let us remind you that devices with the memory 512 MB RAM + 8 GB Flash memory or 1 GB + 8 GB Flash memory should be based on Android GO OS. Devices with the RAM memory 2GB and higher should be based on Android 8 or 8.1.

According to the official information of Google:

•          Android 8 and Android 8.1 will be closed for the GMS certification from the 1st of January, 2019. All authorized laboratories already informed that they will stop to accept GMS software for future tests from the 16th of December. Too many companies going to develop GMS software for Android 8 at the last moment so laboratories will be overloaded.

•          Android Go edition will be closed for the GMS Certification later – from the 1st of March, 2019. But some laboratories will not be able to run tests from the 2nd week of February 2019 due to Chinese New Year holidays. Anyway, Android Go edition developers also should hurry up to catch the GMS deadline.


After dates, declared above for Google Mobile Services Certification will be available only Android 9 (Pie) based devices.

But we have another solution for customers who are not able to certify their devices with RAM memory 2GB or higher before 31.12.2018., which helps to get an official GMS approval.


If you have any questions related with GMS certification, deadlines, and latest regulations, feel free and send your inquiries to Our specialists always ready to help you..


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