Deadline for Android 12 GMS certification

Flame Group managers and engineers keep supporting our customers for GMS certification procedures. Let us remind you about the Android 12 GMS certification deadline.


Ultimately, our GSM partner has given notice to us about the following timeline: 

•    GMS approval windows for new device models is February 28, 2023

•    February 13, 2023 is a final acceptance date when all the software and related materials can be received by authorized GMS laboratories.


After this date, Google will only accept devices based on Android 13. However, it is still possible for new Android 12-based devices to be released after the deadline if GMS approval is obtained in advance. Additionally, Android 12 devices can still be certified as non-GMS devices after February 28, 2023.


The Flame Group team can assist with the GMS certification process, providing support from the initiation of certification to successful approval. We can help with filling out questionnaires, communicating with manufacturers, and suggesting software modifications.

Interested parties can contact the Flame Group team by emailing


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