Deadline for Android 10 GMS certification

Flame Group managers and engineers keep supporting our customers for GMS certification procedures. All the companies are in a slight hurry to complete the majority of deals before Christmas and New Year vacations. At the same time, we should finish all the GMS projects for Android 10 based devices before the end of January 2021.

Let us inform you about the Android 10 GMS certification deadline.

•    Authorized GMS laboratories declared 08/01/2021 as the final acceptance date when all the software and related materials can be received for future GMS verification.

•    Approved GMS software must be submitted to Google before 31/01/2021.

After January 31st, 2021, Google will accept the devices based on Android 11 only. However, this fact doesn’t exclude that new Android 10 based devices will be released for some time after the deadline because GMS for forthcoming models will be approved in advance. Moreover, after January 31st Android 10 (and lower versions) cab be certified as non-GMS devices.

With the assistance of Flame Group, you will spend minimum resources for the software and hardware modifications in the process of GMS certification.

Flame Group team will support you from the initiation of certification up to the successful approval. Our hardware & software specialists will guide through filling in all questionnaires, communicating with manufacturers and ahead will figure out the suitable suggestion about the software modifications.

Currently, we recommend each company care about the Android 10 GMS certification in advance and catch the deadline.

In case you need to pass through the certification and get the GMS authorization before the deadline, please request us by email


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