Clamshell Smartphones Useful for Disabled People

During the whole 2016, Flame Group promoted the first flip (clamshell) smartphone developed by our official Chinese partner Reeko Communication Technology. From the beginning, model attracts the attention of some customers and we got many requests for the sample. In October 2016 LTE smartphone F351 attracts experts and got the Analyst’s Choice Award by Global Sources. Since this information was published, we got more requests for samples to check the usability and the market potential.

Right now, almost all analysis finished, our customers got the feedback and the market niche of the flip (clamshell) smartphones are clear for us. According to the analysis, such type of smartphones are suitable for the people with the limited abilities, disabled persons and even blind people. Due to the structure of the device, it is very convenient to receive and make the phone calls, with the help of the physical keypad easy to send instant messages. Voice assistance informs which button customer press and some functional can be launched using the voice as well. Flame Group specialist help to develop and tune all special functional for every particular customer and the market.

Unconditionally, flip (clamshell) smartphones still suitable for all who prefer the classic design to the modern easy-to-broken touch displays.

Flame Group announce that the development of new LTE flip (clamshell) smartphones will be continued and some new models will be released during the 2nd quarter of 2017. For example, the new model X240 with the 4.0’’ display (see the above photo) already produced and will be ready for testing and production after Chinese holidays.

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