Clamshell Mobile Phones & Smartphones Strategy


Flame Group SE is ready to announce the OEM strategy for 2016. Our strategy is based on the sales statistic, customers’ demands and market analysis of 2015.

Most of OEM suppliers of mobile phones and smartphones agree that 2015 was the hardest year for the industry in five – year period. Due to the economic problems of some large regions, many orders were not confirmed or were rejected, purchasing prices were dramatically dropped and some OEMs and factories even declared their bankruptcy. At the present time it’s not possible to surprise customers by the low price despite the cost optimization and deduction of the own margin. Only a few customers’ care about the quality of the components and more and more markets prefer price policy to quality.

That is why in 2016 the OEM strategy will differ. We have plans to focus on the niche devices and propose our best expertise and experience in the clamshell mobile solutions and mobile phones & smartphones with the big battery. Clamshell models will be the main and prior product. During 2016, we will propose to the customers different variations of such solutions as:

          •      2G clamshell mobile phones.

          •      3G clamshell mobile phones.

          •      Senior clamshell phones.

          •      3G & LTE Android based clamshell smartphones.

Basic models are available in 2G or 3G versions according to the customers’ market needs. Some models have already become available in our portfolio, some will be available after the Chinese New Year holidays (the end of February 2016). We do not want to publish the newest clamshell portfolio in our web site to avoid any duplication by other OEMs. More information about the clamshell models will be published in the recent days before the mass-production. If you’re interested in our clamshell (and other) portfolio, please turn to our Sales Department.


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