Changes in GMS Certification Procedure



Every person who works in the mobile industry understands that the approved GMS certification guarantees that the Android device with the applications and services (Gmail, Chrome, Google maps and others) works stable, meets the customers’ requirements and sustained user experience. Moreover, the GMS approval process helps to ensure device quality and reject preloaded APPs that harm the users by disclosure or violation of the user privacy.


Some time ago, all local brands could choose whether to pass or not to pass the GMS certification. According to the official information, during the last two years only some local brands and Chinese OEM manufacturers got their GMS approvals. Only few brand holders worry about how and where to get the GMS certificate.


Nowadays, the situation has totally changed and soon every local brand has to solve this issue urgently. According to the official information, Google going to send the letters to all biggest retailers in Europe and give them 3 months to clear all stock of devices without GMS. In these letters Google will declare that they have an intellectual property and retailers who sell devices without GMS will be faced with the legal problems. Therefore, the GMS certification will become mandatory. GMS control process will start from Europe but soon it will spread around to all consumer electronics retailers from all markets where Google officially works (that means almost all world regions). Therefore, all market players should follow the legal GMS procedure and no other way to save the key retail channels.


That is why, Flame Group SE is ready to support every OEM-manufacturer and the Brand holder worldwide to apply for and get the registered GSM certificate in short terms and 100% legally. You can get more information about the official GMS approval with the help of Flame Group from our presentation by the LINK.

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