Big Battery Featurephones

Flame Group SE launches 2 new featurephones - B241 & M241. Both models based on the chipset of Spreadtrum SC6531, both have 2.4’’ inch displays and basic cameras.

The main feature of both models is the big battery (compare to the standard battery of basic featurephone models). The battery of the B241 is 1800 mAh and it can work can work around 35 days in standby mode.  The battery of the M241 is 2800 mAh and it can work can work around 2months (~59 days) in standby mode.  The lovers of the classic bar-phones now can do not worry about low battery and charge their devices only 1 time per month. Choose the best design and the best battery for your market!

Based on the customer’s request the keypad and the case can be produced from the glossy or matt plastic in different color variations. Models already launched in the market of South Asia and pass the European Certification. With the detailed spec of B241 & M241 you can meet in the device official page.



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