Bar-type smartphone L281 - one more choice of Global Sources Analysts


Flame Group SE introduces the 2nd model which got the Analyst’s Choice Award by the analysts of Global Sources in October, 2016. It is a bar-type 4G/LTE smartphone L281 – unique solution based on Android OS.

As the LTE flip-smartphone F351 (the 1st model that got the same award during the October’s Fair), L281 is based on a chipset MT6735 and supports LTE/3G & GSM networks (all necessary bands can be customized). The device has 1GB of RAM and 8 GB of flash memory. L281 has a 2.8” display with the touch functions support, so the end user can operate with the device by touches or physical keypad – both options supported. All applications for Android OS can be downloaded via pre-installed Google Play store. Device got the battery 1500 mAh which is enough for full day usage, calls, messaging and internet browsing without additional charge.

L281 attracts the specialists of  Global Sources by unique bar-type (not QWERTY) form-factor, which combines a well-known case of the bar mobile phone with the modern technologies, high performance, speed data transfer and the latest version of the most popular operating systems for the smartphones in the world.

Autumn Edition of the Global Sources Fair 2016 was the first time when L281 was performed to the customers and experts. As we can see, it was a successful performance, and new development of Reeko Communication Technology got the award and caught the interest. We’re sure that the successful start and Global Sources Analyst’s Choice Award will help to open L281 to new markets and customers.

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