Android 10 Official Release

Today, September 3rd of 2019, Google Inc. released the 10th version of the world most popular mobile operating system Android. Earlier Google published about some useful cases connected to Android 10. According to the official announcement, Google changing the way their name OS releases because it is important that these names are clear and relatable for everyone in the world. That is why new Android simply used the version number and called Android 10. Google also updated the Android logo, brand colour and more modern, accessible look introduced. 

The deadline for Android 9/ Android P OS announced earlier this summer. 

 Android 10 releases effects on the Google Mobile Services (GMS) Certification. As we have informed before, GMS approval schedule changed according to the Android 10 release as below:

  • Android 9/ Android P OS will be closed for the GMS certification from the 31st January of 2020. From February 1, 2020, for the GMS certification only will be Android 10.
  • Authorized laboratories are going to stop to accept GMS test from the middle of January 2020.

Flame Group highly recommend all partners to finish GMS software preparation before the Christmas and New Year holidays. Our customers can turn to us to get the latest test tools which include Android Compatibility Tests (CTS Tests), Compatibility Test Suite Verifier (CTS Verifier), Vendor Test (VTS Tests), and GMS Test Suite (GTS). We will also share the latest information about detected tests, bugs and waivers.

Many companies have already passed through the GMS procedure with the help of Flame Group specialist which are fully satisfied with terms and quality. Flame Group have a Multilanguage team of hardware and software engineers located in the different regions (as The Central and Eastern Europe and Asia). Our engineers can advise the best configuration for your hardware solution which will help to pass GMS Certification in a short term. Once you are interested, please send your inquiry to us by e-mail:


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