5th Anniversary of Flame Group SE

Last week, on February 23 Flame Group SE celebrated the 5th Anniversary. Five years ago, we started our own business based on our previous achievements and connections. Anyway, a new company with new people started from zero, and we need to follow our long way from the establishment to real success. This way was not easy, but we are happy to move forward with our team and partners who supported us during this time. 

For five years, we are:
     •    Launched our private consumer electronics brand FlameFox.
     •    Launched 20 models of electronic devices (include mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets).
     •    Started consulting business.
     •    Established and still support cooperation with our partners from different part of the world (include Europe, Asia, and America).  
     •    We have no credits, no debts; our bank account has a positive balance. 

We are ready for the new period. We just finished rebranding of FlameFox brand and already ship devices with a new visualization. We improved the quality of communication and support of our customers. Some new models (include OEM and the private brand project) are under development. We decreased the time of Google GMS Certification process and made it much easier for our clients and us. We still have many things to improve and not going to stop. 

We want to thank all our colleagues, partners, and friends for being with us, for all advises, reasonable criticism, feedback, and trust. We will do our best to convince you will stay with us on a new stage of the company’s life. We believe that the best is yet to come. Flame burns!


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