2022 Lunar New of Tiger is Coming


Tomorrow Chinese people celebrate a New Year based on the Lunar Calendar. According to the Gregorian Calendar, the traditional holiday, also called Spring Festival, falls on February 1st 2022. It is considered to be the primary national holiday for the Chinese population, and its celebration spreads widely among the neighbouring regions. During the Chinese New Year celebration, the grand parade welcomes visitors with the national decorations in red, an impressive fireworks display, troupes of acrobats, jugglers, marching bands, lively dragons and Chinese lions. 


2022 is a year of Tiger (Water Tiger), and its images can be viewed on the houses, offices and streets decorations. The tiger is considered the king of all animals in Chinese mythology and culture. It symbolises power, courage, confidence, leadership and strength. Water Tiger indicates a prosperous year due to the tiger’s auspicious signs (strength, exorcising evils and braveness).  


Our Chinese colleagues, partners, and friends enter the New Year of new opportunities, bright events, and perfect achievements. The Flame Group team wish you to succeed in all startups and a better future for your families. You are lucky to have a chance to celebrate the Spring Festival!


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