GMS Certification of Android 8 / O / Go Devices

Flame Group SE ready to share the latest information about the Google Mobile Services (Google GMS) Certification. Right now, more and more companies finishing preparation of the mobile devices based on an Android 8/Android O or Android Go Operation system. And the GMS Certification of the latest version of OS Android is definitely more complicated compared to GMS of Android 7/N and previous Android releases.

GMS Certification of Android 8/ O /Go devices still have mandatory Android Compatibility Tests (CTS Tests) and Google Mobile Services Tests (GTS Tests) which include various tests of the mobile device performance and stability.

In addition, all brands should pass Vendor Test (VTS Tests) which consists of a set of testing frameworks and test cases, designed to help enhance the robustness, reliability, and compliance of the Android system and low-level system software.

Of course, the operating system should contain the latest version of Google Mobile Services Package (GMS Package) and Security Patches, which regularly updated by Google. If you need the latest version of any test utility, GMS package or any file/document related to GMS Certification, just let us know and it will be immediately shared.

Note that devices based on Android 6, Android 7 (and earlier versions) also available for Google certification but these devices can only be certified as “none-GMS devices” (so all mobile services should be removed).

If you interested to get the information about the latest GMS Certification regulations or you need any help with GMS certification process, specialists of Flame Group SE will be ready to help you. Please send your inquiry us by e-mail:
Many companies have already passed through the GMS procedure with our help and satisfied with terms and quality.


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